Asset Management
Asset Management
Our firm advises institutional investment and asset management firms, excelling boutique size wealth managers, investment advisers, and broker-dealers on financial services and markets regulatory and compliance matters.
We focus on assisting assets managers with legal advice on investment company formation, regulatory clearance and authorisation, business operations, regulatory matters and compliance, offering documents, prospectuses and other marketing materials, investment management or investment advice delegation, financial products distribution arrangements, private placement regimes, assets management and investment fund mergers, liquidations and restructurings, anti-money laundering and know your customer requirements, and brand protection and trademark registration.
Structuring and Incorporation
When it comes to launching companies we deliver legal solutions in respect of the structuring and choice of an appropriate legal entity, including foreign structures, and drafting the various corporate agreements among shareholders and investors.
General Business
We provide day-to-day legal advice to companies to improve their business and organisation including optimisation restructuring, drafting of employment, services, and non-compete agreements.
Corporate Governance
We assist companies to comply with the highest corporate governance standards, whether domestic or foreign, by implementing appropriate procedures that prevent conflict of interest and governance crises. Our advice to clients includes, inter alia, regulatory updates, prevention of conflict of interest, responsibility of directors and officers, board composition and organisation, information dissemination and reporting, disclosure issues and executive compensation.
Capital Rising
The most important thing when it comes to funding the growing business of our clients is choosing the appropriate means of financing their growth. That is why we offer our clients legal advice in choosing the most suitable funding solutions available amongst SPV, SICAR, joint ventures, syndicated loans, initial public offerings.
The services we offer to our clients are not limited strictly to core legal services, but extend so far as coordination and liaising with Notary public, government authorities and project involved third parties such as management companies, custodian banks, auditors, tax advisers and other services providers.
Investment Funds
Funds Structuring and Foundation
We provide innovative legal solutions to our clients for structuring and launching a wide variety of regulated and unregulated undertakings for collective investment (UCI), both domestic and foreign, such as undertakings for collective investment in transferable securities (UCITS), investment companies with variable capital (SICAV), contractual form common funds (FCP), limited partnerships (LP) and many other. Most of these UCIs are very appropriate for implementing alternative investment strategies for hedge funds, private equity funds, real estate funds or fund of hedge funds, when governed by the provisions of the Luxembourg law of February 13, 2007 on specialised investment funds (SIF).
Funds Restructuring and Rationalisation
We assist fund promoters and investment managers with restructuring and rationalising multiple cross-border collective investment undertakings and achieve significant cuts in operating costs, accrue management efficiencies and improve operational day-to-day coordination.
Funds Migration
Changes in domestic and foreign laws during the lifecycle of a fund could provide fund initiators and managers with great opportunities to enhance return for investors and attract new investments through fund migration. Thus, we keep our clients regularly updated on opportunistic changes in the laws of a number of jurisdictions offering them the choice to relocate their funds ahead of competition and generate more business.
Funds Framework Agreements
Fund promoters and managers may often enter into numerous services agreements concerning a given fund. We provide our clients with advice and assistance to negotiate the most suitable terms of sponsorship, registrar and transfer agent, depositary bank, paying agent, distribution, brokerage and many other agreements.
Private Wealth
Our firm is focused on the structuring and development of all forms of wealth management and inheritance planning vehicles and services, including dedicated wealth management structures and investment funds.
Our firm advises private clients, high net worth individuals, wealth managers and family offices on formation, lifecycle, tax and restructurings matters of dedicated wealth management structures, including familiy wealth management companies, trusts and fiduciary agreements.
Tax Optimisation
We advise private clients on competitive advantages of transnational strategic investment structures, innovative tax enhancement solutions, funding, liquidity, leverage for their wealth and inheritance planning.
Regulatory & Compliance
We have extensive experience in helping our clients with authorizations, licenses and clearance from financial supervisory authorities for distribution of financial services and products, and other compliance policies and procedures.
We focus on assisting our clients understand and comply with all aspects of applicable cross-border legal and regulatory frameworks, and strategic regulatory changes and issues relating to financial services and markets (FINRA, FATCA, AIFMD).