Our Philosophy

At KOHLER|GOTZEV we believe that independence is a token of effectiveness and freestanding, making it possible to provide the most objective and pragmatic legal solutions to our clients. Our vision has turned to be true as increasing interest originates from clients and foreign law firms looking for an unbiased partner in Luxembourg.

Our approach to delivering legal solutions is different from other established competitors because we are inspired by our clients’ endeavours and share their entrepreneurship and motivation, which gives us impetus to develop synergies with our clients where other have failed. Moreover, our industry specialisation gives us deep insight of how clients operate their businesses, which make it possible to anticipate their expectations in terms of legal services and deliver them ahead of time.

Our team is devoted to client satisfaction, which explains why we are constantly available to respond to any queries our clients may have. The confidentiality and integrity of the information our clients entrust us with is processed and securely stored on the world’s most advanced operating system making it better, easier and faster to deliver them with uncompromised legal solutions.

Our Values

Our work approach is to cover all the key aspects of our client’s needs and objectives by providing added value to legal advice and structuring. Our constant objective is to achieve the highest levels of client satisfaction by delivering specialised legal solutions and comprehensive tailor made advice.

We are particularly sensitive to establishing a strong and truthful relationship with our clients in order to better understand their business and corporate ethics. Our multicultural background enables us to constantly meet our clients’ expectations and promptly adapt to their approach of getting their projects implemented.

We are very concerned about preserving the trust of our clients to give them counsel. This is why we adhere to the highest professional rules and ethical standards guaranteeing our clients’ unfailing confidence and avoiding any possible conflicts of interest.

Why Choose Us

  • We are accurate, timely compliant and conduct our business in a professional manner with integrity, honesty and respect.
  • We understand business. You can feel secure in the knowledge that all your needs are being overseen and attended by experts.
  • We provide value added, contemporary advice, we treat each client as an individual and tailor our services accordingly.

What Clients Say

KOHLER|GOTZEV offered us extremely bright, extremely competent people. It was very apparent during our initial meeting in Luxembourg that they were more technologically sophisticated than the other comparable law firms under consideration. They were by far our best option…
John D.
Every time we needed them, they were there. Sometimes when you hire someone for specific assignments, it can be difficult to get his attention. This has not been our experience with KOHLER|GOTZEV.
Frédéric S.
They are responsive, extremely efficient and pay close attention to details. They are really helping us to become more proactive than reactive in our management of legal work. When things are urgent, they are there. When things are time sensitive, they deliver.
Leonid K.