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We believe it takes great skill, a brilliant idea and plenty of guts to build a successful company.

​Sustaining your company in a complex legal and financial world requires committed, professional advisers who understand what is expected of them.

We know the role you need your advisors to play within your organisation but we also understand the bigger picture.

What better than a collaborative environment where everyone is working towards the same unified goal for the success of your business?

It is our belief that common values and positive energy form the foundation for delivering professional, comprehensive counsel to help you make sound decisions for a successful business.

” It takes a lot to start a global business. “



Startups and Small Businesses

We are here to give your business the best start. Whatever your sector, from Fintech, smart contract and blockchain technology, to innovation, renewable energy and real estate.

We’ll help you tailor a sustainable business structure, assisting you in getting to grips with the ins and outs of the financial, banking and tax worlds, making sure you avoid the pitfalls and emerge a successful and secure business that makes money.

Asset Management

Our asset management falls under two areas: advisory services and corporate finance.

​We work closely with asset managers to provide our advisory services, portfolio management and financial services. We take the time to understand their job, making their lives easier within a regulatory and supervised environment.

​Our corporate finance asset management ensures your company’s tangible and intangibles assets are maintained, accounted for and put to their best use. In other words, providing you with a lawyer that proves cost-effective, reliable and efficient.


We provide legal support to CEOs, CFOs, executive management and senior executives. We’ll support you in your investment decisions, executing delegated legal tasks under senior management supervision. We can advise on drafting bylaws, shareholder agreements, minutes of management and shareholder meetings, investment protocols, internal regulations of strategic and ethics committees, authorisation to do business in Luxembourg, employee stock option schemes and liquidations.

​Our knowledge of Luxembourg law also means we can provide support in the negotiation of financial documents, such as loan and facility agreements, subordination and inter-creditor agreements, pledge agreements and other security.

Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance

Our Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance support involves putting a strategy together and then taking a step back to see where we can improve. It requires a global vision of your company’s environment and organisation, its social web and its legal and financial position.

We’ll help you integrate a sustainable business model and strategy, implementing tools such as dematerialisation, innovation, share economies, resources efficiency, a circular economy and value pricing.

Our experience and knowledge of the tools and solutions needed to perfect your business will help refine your organisation, improve risk management and establish good relationships between departments such as your board of directors and management.

Our goal is to take care of the nuts and bolts of your company to create value for everyone.

Energy resources

Working in the energy sector is our fuel.


Because it requires professional knowledge at every step: defining the project, identifying legal risks, proposing innovative structures and alternatives, anticipating and providing regulatory and legal comfort and proposing interesting collaborations with partners.

​We advise developers, providing support for EPC, PE and venture capital projects. We work with teams giving guidance on corporate project finance and tax structure, regulatory compliance and environmental aspects, for both conventional oil and gas projects as well as renewable energy such as electrical power, wind energy and solar energy.

Have a look at our completed projects for more information.

Céline Kohler Gotzev

Avocat à la Cour, Barreau de Luxembourg

I started my professional life studying political sciences in support of political causes, but I became involved in law -specifically international private law - when I realised my personality was closer to that of an entrepreneur. I knew I'd be happy supporting the realisation of ideas and projects from a legal standpoint.

Today, after more than 10 years of experience and collaboration on varied projects in Luxembourg and internationally, I’m proud and happy to support the vision of entrepreneurs every step of the way.

And I still believe that creating positive energy between people will lead to success.

Gueorgui Gotzev

Advocate, Sofia Bar Council

Gueorgui (aside from his obvious skills in skateboarding and riding a bike) was a computer geek before becoming a law geek. His passion is a real skill for anybody who is looking for a lawyer with unique and innovative ideas - perfect for entrepreneurs and start-up managers (and anyone who likes skateboarding too).

Gueorgui is a great professional passionate about new projects, involved in every part of them and able to gauge a 3D vision of a project at first glance.

Together with Celine, they are complementary.